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Guest room delivery, mission accomplished through the world’s leading
independent mobile robot technology, helping hotels to complete
services in guiding guests to room and guest room supplies delivery services.


Specifically designed for hotel environment
to ensure no guest will be lost in a large space.

Easy to use

No need to interfere, independent movement,
allow services easily delivered.

  • No need for assistance

    No need to pave rails or connecting to
    external peripherals.

  • Independently Operating

    Even children can quickly start to use.

  • Automatically Charging

    No need to pave rails or connecting to
    external peripherals.


Many safety features considered for users

  • 11 kinds of sensors working simultaneously
  • 30 times/second real-time space scanning rate
  • 1cm distance touch and stop

Easy to work, one-touch Start

MINGO can provide two service modes for hotels, assisting hotel staff in directing guest to room and delivery of supplies to guest rooms at any time. All with one touch of a button.

Guiding Direction Service
Once guests have entered the room number or
the intended location, MINGO will automatically
take the guest to the destination.

Delivery Service
Choose the delivery mode, MINGO will open the head storage space. Once the supplies are placed, it will carry out the delivery order.

Professional, Systematic, Easy-to-use, Safe

It will bus around the hotel to discover, deliver and executing orders.
It will take you step by step to a brand new Smart hotel era.

Make services uninterrupted,
make jobs simplified.
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